Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Day 235

Decent day.

Took car to dealership for some service which was supposed to take only a few minutes and for various reasons mostly "packed and many others ahead in line" I was there for damned near three hours. Got WAY too hungry and angry. At one point texted Spouse "If I were still a drinker I would go home and proceed immediately to getting smashed." Was told "Fortunately for you you're a better person than that" which is true.

Eventually got back to the house. Had a big glass of iced tea, ordered carry out and had Eldest go get it. Took a walk followed by a little nap...lo and behold it was like the morning had never happened.

Had a sundae for dessert tonight. Kinda stunning I think that's big deal calories but used to drink twice that and not bat an eye.


  1. Sounds like an ok day in the end. I love what your husband said, what wise words. Hope the sundae was good. I'm doing no sugar and my daughter was drinking a hot chocolate that I could smell from 15 feet ha ha.

  2. Your hubs is a good guy.
    Mine would have said something similar!
    I LOVE ice cream!