Friday, January 27, 2017

Day 252

Started off hard but got better.

Hard because not only had Middle finished loading all his stuff into the car by the time he usually gets up but then Eldest decided to pitch a That's Not Fair fit about him getting to try a semester of dorm life. Being the latchkey only child of a divorcee only child I just Don't Get sibling politics but in this case I really thought her anger and bitterness were disproportionate to the facts including what-all Eldest had in the past...but of course there are two sides to every coin and I got to hear hers for a good 15 minutes this morning. 

Not too happy with one of my co-workers sitting on a thing I asked be done, either, as I think it is passive aggression from yesterday's thing.

However I got out of the office for a walk at lunchtime and picked up some chocolate when I was getting other things in the drugstore and that seemed to help. So did cheesy potatoes for dinner, too: nice solid comfort food on a day I needed some comfort.

Finally had the energy to start sewing the pants I've had cut out for a good three or four weeks now - made the dog totally jealous. Evenings should be spent lying around on the couch with him, you see. was smart enough to stop when I started getting tired instead of trying to press on - felt pretty good about that.

Feel pretty good about not having to get up in the morning too. Sleep is awesome.

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