Sunday, January 15, 2017

Day 240

A milestone day. Eight times thirty. Eight months, essentially. Saturday is the actual Soberversary but today counts too in my book. Ordered myself a new pair of house slippers as a treat.

In addition to the lack of hangover-y stuff, the good sleep and the complete absence of shame, all of which have been around a while, the thing I noticed today as the biggest new-since-the-six-month-mark is centeredness. I get upset but bounce back more quickly and don't seem to get -as- upset in the first place. There is a lot more inner calm than I recall ever having before. Also I'm starting to like myself better. Not just for the sober thing - though I think that is a huge base on which everything else rests - but generally.

With this new calm I got all the post-vacation pre-work things done: shopping, laundry, some cooking, a little cleaning...and a nice afternoon nap for no particular reason. The leg is pretty much fine now - it gets achy but regular over-the-counter stuff fixes it right up. Have an appointment to follow up on possible underlying parathyroid issue on the 26th.

Mindless TV then bed -- not a bad evening at all.


  1. Congrats on 240 days! An achievement to be proud of, for sure. I'm glad to hear you bought yourself a treat, warm feet=very important:) I'm still amazed at how much better I feel in the morning on waking, and how crappy I used to feel and didn't even realize it. Your evening sounds pretty great to me:)


    1. p.s. I don't know why it put me on Blogger, but this is the actual "me" :) on WordPress...just so you can see I'm not just any random weirdo, I'm a legit weirdo...ha

    2. Oh yes mornings are SO much better sober. It takes a few days but all of a sudden you realize "wow, I used to think 'pretty crappy' was just normal" and it's a real eye-opener. No more mental energy wasted trying to sort out "okay what do I have to do right now and what can I delay till I feel better later today?"

    3. And I too am a Legit Weirdo so you've found the right place! :). Legit Weirdos isn't a bad name for a band, either.

  2. Great post especially the bit about the base on which everything else sits. That chimes so well with me, as in, that’s what I’ve been (and still am) missing. That’s a massive and positive target to aim for!