Thursday, January 19, 2017

Day 244

Lousy day.

Work busy -and- full of politics. Family with issues of their own. Even the dog misbehaved. But no matter how miserable or self-pitying I get it will eventually fade as we just aren't chemically designed to keep feeling the same thing indefinitely...and indeed now that it is bedtime I'm doing better. 

It sure won't take much for tomorrow to be a big improvement over today. Good thing I've gotten into the sober habit or tomorrow would be starting off with a hangover instead of with lunch and dinner already good to go thanks to a grocery-store run at eight thirty. Imagine! Going -out- by -car- at that hour! Sure couldn't have done that before...eight thirty was deep into drinking time. Given my mood I might well have drunkenly picked a family fight, too. 

Takes a while to get there and even a month or two ago I don't think I truly felt it but tonight I really am sure that even the crappiest day without alcohol is still better than a drinking day. 


  1. Follow you blog every day. I love your honesty. i feel bad that I don't post, but I support and send support to your blog every day. Please keep going. You will know from your stats that many of us value your blog every day. Keep going.

  2. Oh what a lovely thing to say! Thanks!

  3. I had some massive self-pity today myself.
    It is interesting to deal with them sober!
    I do a lot of deep breathing!